As a certified health coach, my passion is offering lifestyle solutions for busy women who want to manage their blood sugar naturally.

Say good-bye to sugar cravings, headaches, low energy and unwanted pounds through nutrition.

Hello there! I’m Lisette and my approach to health coaching focuses on you as a whole person! While eating healthy is important, overall wellness includes balance and harmony in all areas of life.

In my late twenties, I experienced health issues such as low energy, poor digestion, mood swings, acne and thinning of hair. I bought everything I could and took many prescriptions to “cure” the challenges. Many things didn’t work and the things that did, would’ve required long term use. In my struggle to treat these symptoms, I also wanted to know the cause. I wasn’t comfortable taking prescriptions for the rest of my life in order to feel better.

I knew that God created our bodies to heal and that there was more to the picture in the puzzle than what I was seeing. I decided to see a nutritionist. This was the beginning of realizing my poor eating habits and the negative impact it was having. My symptoms were a result of poor eating, an unhealthy lifestyle combined with stress.


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